Mark Harmon still has it.

Photos by David Needleman

Article by Alicia Adamczyk

Styling by Joseph DeAcetis



For more than a year I delayed reading Stephen King’s book entitled “On Writing” thinking it would not give me any fresh ideas. However, yesterday on a six-hour-long car ride I listened to an audio version of Stephen King’s book. I was surprised that his book was not just another series of…


I’m definitely in a “Tibbs” sorta mood today! :)


2x01 - Commentary


I made these gifs without words because what really matters here are Danny and Steve’s eyes.

The fear, the terror of those moments totally overwhelm them….

It’s a spectacular explosion of feelings: Danny can’t breath, he’s scared and looks at Steve for help. Steve is scared like we never saw him, the way he springs toward Danny when he collapses shows it, and then his huge eyes full of fear for his Danno…

It hurts but I can’t stop watching at these gifs… I love them so much… :-}


Adorable goofs


Adorable goofs

NCIS - 1x20 - Missing

NCIS 11x24 — Honor Thy Father


Won’t let nobody hurt you 

I’ll stand by you


Vance: I can’t have you on this
Gibbs: My team is in the field. I got a call.
Vance: I was respecting your situation, Gibbs. Let’s not turn this into something else.
Gibbs: I don’t need to be handled.
Vance: Your head is not here.
Gibbs: Don’t tell me where my head is at. I am here, Director. I am on this.
Vance: What did you say to me after Jackie died? What did you tell me to do? I was out for two months.
Gibbs: That was different.
Vance: It’s been half a day, Gibbs. He was your father.
Gibbs: He was and now he’s dead. And I still have a job to do.
Vance: And I didn’t?
Gibbs: I am not you!
Vance: As director of this Agency I’m placing you on administrative leave. As your friend I’m telling you to get the hell outta here before you say something I can’t let go.
Gibbs: Leon, this job, it’s what I have. Don’t ever tell my team to hold out on me again.

NCIS 11x24 Honor Thy Father

4x22 - O ka Pili’Ohana ka ‘Oi - part 2